Steriluv: Surface disinfection and sterilisation systems using UV-C LEDs
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Steriluv EVO
The modular disinfection solution: surface mounted, flush mounted and integrated


STERILUV EVO a scalable solution  

STERILUV EVO - A safer and healthier working environment

A safer and healthier working environment!

This module is designed for high quality disinfection, decontamination or sterilisation, obtained by a combination of optics and “LEDIL” lenses, allowing the customisation of your projects.

The combination of two lights is possible thanks to STERILUV EVO, two modes, two functions or only in mono operation for disinfection.

Examples of use of STERILUV EVO

 It removes viruses, bacteria and fungi from all surfaces quickly and easily.

STERILUV EVO: The UVC module with flow-channelling optics.

It’s the ideal solution for disinfecting surfaces and decontaminating the air:

  • Office space
  • Co-working rooms
  • Emergency vehicles, ambulance, police
  • Relaxation booths
  • Public transport: train, bus, tram
  • Hands-on
  • Waiting rooms
SterilUV EVO to disinfect your offices

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