Steriluv : Systèmes de désinfection des surfaces et stérilisation par LED UV-C

Why choose Steriluv?
More environmentally friendly, more economical and more sustainable. Find out why.

The range of UV-C disinfection has grown rapidly in recent years. However, mercury lamps are still used in most of the devices on the market. Right from the start, we decided to use UV LEDs in our equipment: more ecological, more economical and more durable.

We also innovate with the UV LED TRILOGY, a protected technology that combines UV-C and two other complementary UV wavelengths, all 100% LED.


Mercury UV lamps vs. Steriluv UV LEDs

Mercury UV-C lamp

Steriluv UV LED
Immediate ignition
(without heating time)

Optimised on target
Without infrared
No ozone
Wavelength254 nm265 nm optimum peak
Fragility, impact resistanceFrailRobust

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