Steriluv: Surface disinfection and sterilisation systems using UV-C LEDs
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Laboratory tested solutions

laboratory tested solutions, UV-C destroys the DNA chain of bacteria and viruses - SterilUV

UV-C destroys the DNA and RNA chain in cells of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens

With a wavelength of 265 nanometres, UV-C penetrates the heart of bacterial or viral structures to damage their DNA and RNA and thus inactivate them.

SterilUV eliminates viruses in just two 2-second passes!

In laboratory testing, Concept Light’s STERILUV Compact has demonstrated its effectiveness in inactivating SARS-CoV-2 by reducing viral infectivity by over 6 log10.

The histogram opposite shows this reduction after treatment of SARS-CoV-2 with Concept Light’s UV LED technology (UVC alone and UVA UVB UVC trilogy) and this from two 2-second UV passes on the viral sample.

Laboratory tested - histogram showing the impact of SterilUV on viruses and bacteria

Preventing the emergence of new viruses

In response to the emergence of new viruses, Steriluv by Concept Light is engaged in studies and laboratory tests on enteroviruses, a non-enveloped and therefore resistant virus transmitted through faeces or orally, some types of which can be responsible for epidemics and severe neuromeningeal syndromes.

The prototype generated in the laboratory (P3) is a bovine enterovirus. The STERILUV TRILOGIE LED UV range has been shown to be effective against this virus. The results are valid for the whole family of enteroviruses, which are structurally identical.

Steriluv by Concept Light is also involved in studies and laboratory tests on monkey pox: 80% of microbes are transmitted by hands or surfaces, which is what concerns us here. Hand-carried transmission is also a vector of contamination with monkey pox on surfaces.

UV LED trilogy solutions are effective and must be part of our daily life when we are in public places, hospitals, emergency vehicles or industries to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces. It is a major issue of prevention and public health.

We are committed to being a company that creates a risk prevention framework for viruses and bacteria and spores…

Advanced technology at your service for a safer environment by respecting the environment and reducing waste.


  • CNRS : Efficiency certified by the CNRS in P3 laboratory on SARSCOV2 ( COVID19 )
  • COFRAC laboratory : Efficacy certified in COFRAC laboratory on various bacteria Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (ATCC strain)
  • INSERM : Efficiency certified by INSERM on SARSCOV2 ( COVID19 ) on surfaces and foodstuffs (fruit and vegetables and fish) according to the NF T 72-281 standard

We keep the various reports and certificates available to our clients, but these are not accessible online to avoid the risk of falsification.

COMETE (Covid Marseille Environmental Testing Expertise) assessment reports

Evaluation of surface and air contamination and the impact of “barrier” devices on environmental pollution COVID19 – Experimental report on a small series of 7 patients.

Condition Catering environment CHR (Café Hôtellerie Restauration) in the fight against the SARSCOV pandemic 2.

Supported by the staff and Patrick Augier and the COMETE teams of the BMPM (Bataillon Marin Pompier de Marseille).

Covid Marseille Environnemental Testing Expertise
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TATIANA KOUTCHMA partner consultant and scientific board of CONCEPT LIGHT

TATIANA KOUTCHMA partner consultant and scientific board of CONCEPT LIGHT

Dr Koutchma has over 20 years of experience in UV technology, including UV LEDs for food and beverage applications. She is the author of 6 recent books and over 50 peer-reviewed publications related to various aspects of UV technology.

In addition, Dr. Koutchma accompanies and supports Concept Light and the end-users in STERILUV by CONCEPT Light’s UV LED technologies to obtain regulatory approvals from Novel Food and the US FDA regulations and then follow the industries in Europe and France.

Tatiana Koutchma

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